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Kinsey's Expansion News 

April 2, 2018

Acquisition Official

Kinsey’s acquisition of Pape’s is official, as of Monday April 2nd 2018. Initially, you will not see much change. In fact, the only change that you will notice immediately is the change in name from Pape’s Inc. to Kinsey’s South. The Sales and Customer Service teams in Louisville, KY and Mount Joy, PA will still be the same people that you’ve been dealing with over the years.  We respect the relationships that have been built and want to honor that.

The phone numbers will remain: 

Kinsey’s South – Louisville, KY
800-727-3462 – Sales
502-955-8118 – Phone
800-444-4450 – Fax

Kinsey's – Mount Joy, PA
800-366-4269 – Sales
717-653-9074 – Phone
717-653-6278 – Fax 

What About Emails?

The Kinsey’s South staff email addresses will remain the same that you’ve been using until we migrate to a unified email system.

How Will My Orders Ship?
Orders will ship from the location where they are placed. While we’re still on separate computer systems the sales teams will have limited visibility to other location information. If you place your order with the Sales Team in Louisville your order will be shipped from the Louisville location and vice versa with respect to orders placed at the PA location. We will not have cross docking functionality while on separate computer systems, meaning that orders will ship in their entirety from one location. We will not be able to split orders between locations.

What About Electronic Orders?
Customers who submit orders electronically via API, FTP or EDI will continue to do so with the same format as previously used per location. Since there will not be a change in computer systems yet, electronic orders will continue to use the same format and system for submitting orders.

Will I Get Two Catalogs?
Separate catalogs will be printed for 2018 and you can expect our new catalogs in early June. We didn’t have sufficient time to combine the inventory information into one catalog. Because we’re on different computer systems, items will have different numbers in each location’s respective system.

What Should I Expect Next? 
One of the first steps is to on-board customers so that all customers have an account with both locations. We will notify you when this task is completed.

Things to come in the future:

•  Onboarding of customers with accounts at both locations
Alignment of policies & procedures 
•  Alignment of freight programs
•  Alignment of inventory items and pricing
•  One print catalog containing all items at both locations
•  Merging to one unified computer system for both locations.

March 23, 2018

Expanded Distribution Network

• Faster Service — Most Will Receive Shipping in Three Days or Less
• Majority of Whitetail States Receive One or Two-Day Shipping

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January 3, 2018

Kinsey's Acquires Pape's

MOUNT JOY, PA — It is with great excitement that Kinsey’s Inc. is able to announce the acquisition of Pape’s Inc. Kinsey's has been strategically considering opening a second warehouse for many years. A second location will allow them to serve existing customers better and reach new markets with faster service...
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